New World Wonders 1.0

New World Wonders 1.0

MA Research & Design Studio, Spring Semester 2008, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft

By contemplating the wonders of the ancient world, and analyzing the modern world wonders, this studio established four elemental keywords from which the students explored the many dreams of architectural fantastications: scale, technology, iconography and myth. These keywords served as design factors in order to challenge and constitute the wonder. Do you dare to design the next world wonder?

Participants: Ahmet Korfali, Alessandro Bua, Andreia PeƱalosa Caicedo, Deniza Radulova, Diederik de Koning, Hansol Moon, Emilie Meaud, Kahori Shinkawa, Qian Ren, Dong-Ho Nam, Hyun-Soo Suh, Valerio Ciotola, Andrea Guazzieri, Chen Qing, Peter Bednar, Nicolas Fabre, Raul Forsoni, Qili Yang

Images: Valerio Ciotola, Ahmet Korfali, Peter Bednar, Diederik de Koning, Alessandro Bua

Collaborating Tutors: Young Wook Joung, Daliana Suryawinata

Invited Speakers: Rob Nijsse, James Woodhuysen, Patrick Healy, Thomas van Leeuwen, Roemer van Toorn

Guest Critics: Bernard Weber (Founder of the New7Wonders Organization), Thomas van Leeuwen, Rob Nijsse, Winy Maas, Patrick Healy, Deborah Hauptmann, Roemer van Toorn, James Woudhuysen


We Want World Wonders Publication

We Want World Wonders Publication - PDF Download

New World Wonders 2.0

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