Urban Lagoon

Rotterdam needs to activate its waterfronts

Design for a mobile floating swimming pool, Boompjes, Rotterdam (NL), 2004.

WATERFRONT : Rotterdam is one of the most famous harbor cities of the world, unfortunately without knowing how to design with the quality of water. Along with the first rays of sunshine a holiday-like season starts with the opening of the beach in May. How nice could it be to take a nice urban swim in the center of Rotterdam? Right in the middle of the city one can enjoy delicious drinks, dig one’s feet in the sand and take a deep fresh dive in the pool till the end of September.

BLUE LAGOON : The urban lagoon offers an enlarged sun deck, a nice bluish swimming pool with a slippy slide, a tribune for sitting and relaxing while enjoying the river-view - a real popular sunbathing site with a hip pool experience amidst the river Maas. One is delighted by the unique mixture of city and holiday. The Urban Lagoon is a real relaxing meeting point - an urban oasis with an enormous force of attraction.

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