The Willow House

The Willow House

MA Design Workshop, Fall Semester 2013

This Workshop is part of the 3D Nature project and explores how to use an organic material - willows - to grow architecture. It aims at exploring various techniques for growing such as grafting and weaving in order to design a house that functions. Students were asked to develop an architectural design proposal for a site in Delft with a plot size of 300m2 of which 22% was allowed to be built.

Collaborators: Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL), Ecole National Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles (ENSAV), Paris (F)

Participants: Arslane Benamar, Catherina Lee, Dominik Saitl, Federico Gobbato, Hans Vlaskamp, Jordan Yerbury, Lex te Loo, Marine Manchon, Nadia El Hakim, Nicola Campri, Piet de Reuver, Rob Moors, Robbert Verheij, Roxanne Belot, Ruth Hoogenraad, Samantha Chia, Vincent Marchetto

Guest Critics: Winy Maas, Paul Bakker (Municipality Delft, Laws/ Regulations), Gerard Boudewijn (Municipality Delft, Toezichthouder), Laurens Engelbrecht (Municipality Delft, Quality, Team Harnaschpolder, Urbanist), Richard Koek (Landscape Architect, Floriade 2012)

Commissioner: Municipality of Delft

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