The Porous City - Opening The Hong Kong Tower

The Porous City - Opening The Hong Kong Tower

MA Workshop, December 2012

This workshop explored new organizational principles of large structures, exemplified with a high-rise building. It was carried out by systematic manipulations of the correlations between private and public spheres, respectively represented in an abstract way by closed and open pixels. Four thematic experiments (tunnels, balconies, stairs, caves) were conducted with the premise that their results should remain abstract, binary and measurable. They addressed solely interrelations between open, closed, empty and full. They display a form-exhausting collection of 100 models presented in a grid and served as the first step to a more precise parametrization to generate different shapes of void and a deeper understanding of porosity in buildings.

Collaborators: Hong Kong PolyU, HKDesign Institute, City University of Hong Kong

Participants: Hong Kong Design Institute: Randolph LAI, Joshua WONG, Dicky CHU, Noah CHENG, Queenie SHAM, Eleanor FU, Shervan CHAN, Samantha YIP, Ennio LAM; City University of Hong Kong: Frankie CHAN, John CHAN, Susan LAM, Chui Shan WONG, Vicky LAM, Gloria HA, Carol NG, Andrew HUNG, Philip LAM, Cherry LEUNG; HKPolyU: Jose CHEUNG, Sun YI, David WANG, Cecil XU, Miracle HUI, Tak LEE, Sylvie HUI, Lai Lok YU, Wentang DONG, Xinhui GUI; PMQ: Jack PUN, Billy TAM

Guest Critics: Timothy J. Jachna (PolyU.), Luis Costa (HKDI), Atul Kansara (CityU.), Shan Chia, Joseph F. Wong, William To, Carol Leung (HKDI), Grace Lau (HKDC)

Venue: Hong Kong Design Centre.


Movie compilation of the workshop, made by students from the Hong Kong Design Institute
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