Talent Factory

A (sub) cultural meeting point

Den Bosch is in need for a cultural meeting point to support the youth and the many subcultures of the city!

Commissioner : TR-Events, Den Bosch, 2005

THE FACTORY : An old factory building with a strong identity along the South-Willemsvaart at the edge of the center of Den Bosch was pointed out by the municipality as the best accommodation for such a cultural magnet. The building was built around 1885 and functioned as a metal and iron foundry. In the year 2005, the municipality declared this building a monument to avoid its demolition, thus to encourage the idea of creating a cultural meeting point. Under the name of "The Talent Factory" TR-Events b.v. programs and creates such a meeting point that adresses the many creative subcultures. The factory building - as desired - has a great charisma: a huge open space with high brick walls, a very beautiful wooden raftered ceiling. This rough magnificent lot represents a perfect environment for the rich program that TR-Events has to offer.

CONCEPT : S.I.A.’s first spatial concept creates the best flexible and programmable creative space. By locating all basic facilities along the walls of the building it creates a kind of belt, a bufferzone that emphasizes the core space of the building - the creative space. The inner wall that seperates facilities with the creative space is designed as an intelligent wall, meaning it implicits various techniques, niches, walls, panels or barriers to divide, reclassify, upgrade and decorate the creative space within the needed existing program.

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