Restart City - Stories From Nowhere

Restart City - Stories From Nowhere

Animation, Kassel (GER), Documenta13, 2012

In summer 2012 as a part of Documenta13 a collaborative exhibition and exploration on the topic of global disaster was introduced. What would the world look like if, after a series of natural disasters, the world was flooded and inhibition would be (almost) impossible? How could humanity survive? What tools for survival would be needed? How would people still live together, and if so, what community values would prevail? An inquisitive design research proposes Community clusters designed around the level of performance on food production and a complete integration of waste and natural cycles, 3d printed sedimentation, and exhaust-gasses stored in nano-tech skins, forming floating bubble-like structures.

The proposals for RestartCity and the Autonomy Unit were shown at the dOCUMENTA13 in 2012, montaged in the animation by Kyungwon en Joonho (South Korea).

Collaborators: Tihamér Salij, Jeroen Zuidgeest, Bas Kalmeyer, Moon Kyungwon, Jeon Joonho, Toyo Ito, KayokoIemura, Yusaku Imamura, Takram, Eric Khoo, Hans- Ulrich Obrist, Toshi Ichiyanagi

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