Rhein Ruhr City

The Regionmaker

Publication, 2003, Hatje-Cantz

ISBN 3-7757-1200-3

This publication generates a discussion on the possible future of the Rhein Ruhr Region, Germany. The REGIONMAKER has been developed as an innovative planning device and has been applied to the agglomeration at Rhine and Ruhr. This most radical and far-sighted analysis of the Rhein Ruhr City as well as the development of the REGIONMAKER have been made possible through a collaboration between the architecture office MVRDV, various academic institutions and highly recommended international professionals. This book is a manual for The REGIONMAKER and describes the targets and structure of the software.

Contributing Authors: Winy Maas, Ronald Wall, Daniel Dekkers, Tihamér Salij


Buchbesprechung ETH Zürich

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