HKIA Journal Issue 72 - Occupy Housing

A Call For Housing Beyond Uniformity

Article, HKIDA JOURNAL ISSUE 72 - Occupy Housing, 2016

Towards more diversity and design freedom

If Hong Kong desires to become a more attractive, prosperous and livable city and aims to enhance the well-being of its citizens it must start with producing a more diversified housing supply, one that is both affordable and attractive for low and middle-income people. In order to achieve that, it must embrace diversity as a key factor to create a healthier housing market and ensure happiness of Hong Kong citizens. Consequently, the governmental authorities might have to redefine and adjust the building regulations, loosen its over-restrictive guidelines and, as the sole owner of the land, change its land supply policy by making more and smarter use of the remaining 60% of unbuilt land. Such reform could give way to more design freedom and creativity among architects and developers from which the city and housing market only could benefit.

Author: Tihamér Salij


Hong Kong Institute of Architecture Journal - Issue 72: Occupy Housing