Next. Designing Education - Learning from the Next City

Next. Designing Education

Publication, 2011, Frame Publishers China

ISBN 978-988-15399-3-9

Today's cities present challenges, and ask for a different breed of designers; what are their responsibilities, values, and skills; and how do our design schools need to change in order to produce them? This book hypothesizes that interdisciplinary, intercultural education will be crucial for the preparation of the next generation of designers. It explores new models for design education, looking at the Next City Joint Studio as a first step. The Next City Joint Studio has generated an enticing challenge: in the face of our rapidly urbanizing world, it is not enough to re-educate designers; we must, at the same time, re-design education.

Authors: Tihamér Salij, Min Wang, Louise Schouwenberg, Ling Fan, Christine de Baan, and others

Editors: Jennifer Sigler


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