NL28 Olympic Fire

Future Games

Publication, 2008, nai publishers

ISBN 9-789056-626280

This book offers a parade of spectacular visions on how the Olympics can transform the Netherlands. It focuses on the spatial agenda of the Netherlands by linking themes as climate change, water management and energy production in surprising and startlingly new ways with solutions for stadiums, infrastructure and accommodation for athletes. This publication exposes different scenarios for the organization of the Olympics in the Netherlands in 2028. These are preceded by a historical timeline that gives a vivid impression of the impact that the Games have had on previous host cities such as Montreal, Sydney and Beijing. This publication is edited and written by SIA in collaboration with Joubert Architecture and NAi outlines the basic concept for the exhibition held at the NAI Museum.

Editors: Tihamér Salij, Marc Joubert

Authors: Tihamér Salij with Marc Joubert with an introduction by Winy Maas

Article contributions by: Ole Bouman and many interviews by Mieke Dings


NL28 - Future Games Exhibition

The Olympic Bid 2.0

The Olympic Bid 1.0

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