Excursions On Capacities

Publication, 2005, ACTAR publishers

ISBN 84-95951-85-1

KM3 is a story about a world that is getting dense. KM3 is a hypothesis, a theoretical city and a possible urban theory. It constructs its logic answer: a city that is continuously under construction, with space for limitless capacities, populations and possibilities. A city that continues to serve all demands while incorporating all desires. A city that enlarges our capacities within the current mass, as well as in the currently underused spaces – deserts, forests, seas, oceans, underground, even the skies. KM3 is a free fall in endless space; from the right to the left, from the front to the back, from above to below. Pure depth. Without escape, yet.

Editors: Winy Maas, Tihamér Salij, Jeroen Zuidgeest

Authors: Winy Maas, Tihamér Salij and many others...


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