COMING OUT SOON: Housing Beyond Uniformity

Architectural Diversity in Hong Kong

Publication, 2018, nai010 publishers

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How can Hong Kong’s housing development escape its unrelenting uniformity? How might architects and developers bypass strict planning and building regulations? How might they add more value by creative design? How might they realize innovative and attractive housing towers, towers that would radically change Hong Kong? While monotonous extrusions of small and efficient floor plans can relieve some of the pressures resulting from Hong Kong’s land scarcity, thereby enabling the city to remain compact and functional, this kind of urban development has a fundamentally negative impact on quality of life.

This book reviews Hong Kong’s current building regulations and aims to propose new indicators to achieve a proper balance between population density and quality of life. By testing the current Hong Kong housing regulations and exploring new indicators with which Hong Kong’s quality of housing can be improved, it explores various concepts for housing towers beyond the current extrusion model.

Editors: Tihamér Salij, Winy Maas

Authors: Tihamér Salij with an introduction by Winy Maas

Contributing articles by: Weijen Wang, Tris Kee and Wah Sang Wong

This publication has been made possible with the generous financial support of The Hong Kong University, Nan Fung Development and The Dutch Embassy in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Tower Revolution

Beyond Extrusion

UABB Exhibition Shenzhen/ Hong Kong

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