Hong Kong Vertical Mixers

Mixed vertical living strategies for a densily populated city

BA Design studio, Spring Semester 2015, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), Hong Kong (CHN)

What housing towers appear when public program are integrated? What vertical organization is needed? What living qualities can then be discovered? Does such a vertically mixed tower bring a desirable diversity to the HK housing market? What kind of vertical communities could emerge? What values? And what typologies? What new concepts of living can we think of? What new lifestyles could then emerge? This studio explores the potentials of mixed-use housing towers. It aims at designing innovative mixed-use towers that unfold and expose new high dense living strategies, its advantages, disadvantages and spatial qualities.

Participants: CHUI Kai Hin, SY Lap Shing, TANG Sheirene B., TIN Tsoi Ling Teresa, TSE Yu Hin, LING Wing Hin, LO King Ho, LUNG Sing Leong, TAM Wai Ho, TSANG Sin Mei, TSE Yat Fan, TSUI Ka Ki, CHU Wai Kit

Guest Critics: Kuo Jze Yi, Chris Lai (doffice), Zetao Chen (fchArchitecture), Eddie Chang (HKDI), Tris Kee (HKU), Amy Chan (Hendersen), Lawrence Leung (AEDAS), Guiliano Gatti (Oval), Michael Chan (Edge), Chi Cheung (ASD)


Shift - Graduation Exhibition at Comix Home Base, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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