Hong Kong Tower Revolution

Hong Kong Tower Revolution

MA Research and Design studio, Fall Semester 2013, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong (CHN)

Hong Kong’s current housing tower design is heavily governed by the development potentials under the local Planning and Building Ordinance. How can the city escape its unrelenting uniformity and the denial of diversity? This studio studied the organization of typical Hong Kong apartments and explored various activities such as cooking, dining, bathing, sleeping, storing, relaxing and made proposals for improving these activities which led to new apartment typologies with higher ceilings, different room shapes, better views, more outdoor spaces and more privacy. This studio opened the discussion for a more diverse housing development.

Participants: Au Wing Yi, Chak Tsz Kin, Chan Chung Man, Chan Ian Yin Yan, Chan Pui Yin, Chau Shek Lun, Cheng Ching, Ip Kai Hong, Liu Kemeng, Mok Wang Chee, Tang Ho Yin, Kong Ho Ching, Kwok Ka Ching, Lau Xin Yee, Lee Kin Wai, Li Mei Yu, Lung Man Ching, Ma Ching Yi, Suen Wing Yin, Sze Ivy, Sze Ying Ying, Yeung Cho Yui, Yeung Ho Man

Guest Critics: Joan Du, Weijen Wang, Donald Choi, Ronald Lu, Ada Fung, W.S. Wong, Tris Kee


Beyond Extrusion - Housing Towers Beyond Uniformity

Housing Beyond Uniformity - Architectural Diversity in Hong Kong

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