'Hong Kong Power' movie at Business of Design Week 2008, Hong Kong

'Hong Kong Power' movie at Business of Design Week 2008, Hong Kong

Exhibition contribution, 2008

'Hong Kong Power' is the title of the movie that was exhibited during the Business of Design Week (BODW) in December 2008 in Hong Kong. In the run-up of the opening a debate took place with international professionals, government officers, developers and scholars from the participating universities about attractiveness of the city, competitiveness, quality of living and sustainability. Instead of regarding the city's spatial restriction as limitation for further urban development, such restriction could create inventive solutions, as for instance: the vertical extension of hills to enlarge the ground space, a new housing typology that help to reduce migration to Shenzhen, a combination of living, working, retail and culture along the waterfront. New building guidelines, such as the creation of canopies and increase of shaded areas could counteract Hong Kong's need for cooling and therefore reduce its high energy demand.

Authors: Tihamér Salij, Winy Maas, Ulf Hackauf

Animation: Wieland&Gouwens


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