Hong Kong Fantasies Publication

Challenging World-Class City Standards

Publication, 2011, nai publishers

ISBN 9-789065-627645

What does it take for a city to become world-class? Who decides? It’s not enough to look at a city’s economic performance. Great cities have always offered a more fundamental, abstract quality – a quality that no single ranking system has yet been able to measure. This book tries to define that quality, and introduces universal standards for its evaluation: The World-Class City Framework. Using this framework as a guide, this book fantasizes that Hong Kong, a city struggling to hold on to its reputation, makes a spectacular comeback as an exemplary world-class city. This fictional urban resuscitation reveals the shortcomings of Hong Kong and the flaws in the tools with which we assess all cities. In order to improve our cities, we may also have to refine our standards of judgement.

Editors: Tihamér Salij, Winy Maas

Authors: Tihamér Salij with an introduction by Winy Maas


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