The Crisis Of The Future Image

The Crisis Of The Future Image

Article, L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui #378, 2010

ISBN 978-2-918832-04-1

Architecture is witnessing a situation best described as complex, confusing and uncertain. In the midst of the quest for survival, meaning and balanced choice, this uncertainty is also source of innovation and creation, a source for curiosity. Within this context the article 'The Crisis of the Future Image' has been published. This article makes a call to architects, urban planners and designers to 'reclaim the future' since it is being exploited by the film and entertainment industry, trend scouting and the stock market. The film industry especially the science fiction genre is dominating, cocooning and catapulting human being into a distant future full of technological trivialities. How to escape? Architects, urbanists and designers need to take responsibility in the creation of the image of the future.

Author: Tihamér Salij

Editors: The Why Factory, MVRDV


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