Beyond Extrusion

Housing Towers Beyond Uniformity

MA Research & Design studio, Fall Semester 2014, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong (CHN)

The housing market in Hong Kong seems to be dominated by the standard norm of a monotonous vertical extrusion of the most efficient and most profitable floor plan. In contrast to other global cities, the repetitive design lacks variation in size of units, outdoor space, diversity in typologies, ecology as well as architectural excitement. How to add more value by creative design? And which design parameters will then lead to housing towers beyond the current extrusion model? This studio is a follow up on previous studio Hong Kong Tower Revolution and aims at exploring various concepts for housing towers beyond extrusion.

Participants: Au Yeung Chun Yu JOEY, Chan Fong Tong FRED S, Cheng Pok Him BOB, Ching Ka Ho FRED, Henao Granda Jan Esteban, Ho Sheung Hay TERENCE, Hu Xiangdong HOCK, Ko Pak Kan ZETH, Li Zhixin ALLISON, Liu Chuen Yung VINCENT, Ma Yue, Qin Liting TING, Tang Tak Shing KELVIN, Wen Fan, Wu Yucong, Xie Junni, Ffion, Ho Yin SUNNY CHA, Sai Bond, Man Hei KENNIF, Han PAT

Modeling Instructor: Donn Holohan (The University of Hong Kong)

Guest Critics: Eunice Esseng, Weijen Wang, Donald Choi, Nasrine Seraji, W.S. Wong, Tris Kee, Winy Maas


Hong Kong Tower Revolution

Housing Beyond Uniformity - Architectural Diversity in Hong Kong

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