Automated City

Automated City

MA Research & Design Workshop, Fall Semester 2009,  Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL)

Imagine a city that assists and supports the desires and activities of its inhabitants; a city that absorbs and executes any human activity. This studio explores the practices and technologies of the city from the perspective of the machine, bringing together designers, computer programmers and engineers to deeply address the roles for automatic technologies in the city space. The city will be seen as the ultimate machine. Robots and other smart machines have the potential to dramatically change the human environment and world economy, especially when they are arriving in the job market in significant numbers. This studio explores the dynamics and activities of city life and investigates on the city to appoint specific functions and tasks that can be fully automated and robotized. Students implement their proposed automated activity in a generic 3d city model to study the changes and effects on the city. Based on this exploration and implementation of automatic and robotic intelligence students will fantasize on where and how the city needs to change its shape, function and structure. This studio elaborates and designs a model city that is completely driven by automation and robotics.

All activities and necessary processes of the city are being mechanized and automated, directed and controlled by intelligent machinery. Robots and machines will do every construction, manufacturing, transportation and selling job. Any production or service will be executed by machines. Altogether, this accumulation of smart machines and dynamic processes will create full automation and determine the shape of the city.

Participants: Aditya Puri, Jack Murphy, Nicolo Bertino, Radek Hornak, Rina Tan, Rob Wesselink, Yuan Yuan


Robotic City

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