5 Seconds Street

5 Seconds Street

MA Design Studio, Spring Semester 2016, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL)

What systems and what architecture allow high-speed traveling and a smart circulation of products? How can the positioning of program and the shape of its architectures contribute to direct accessibility and the desire for minimum travel time? What can we say about safety issues? Is traveling with a speed of 500 km/h in a neighborhood safe? Can we make it safe? How can architecture anticipate in this? The Five Seconds Street studio wants to explore these questions and aims to visualize answers by taking the street as a case study. In addition to the architectural and infrastructural components this studio aims to understand and identify the environmental, social and spatial qualities and benefits of various different transportation modes. Students were asked to: develop and design a street with one single transportation mode as a starting point; draw a reference street and reorganize and redesign the reference street according to the needs and desires of their chosen transportation mode; express their designs in plans and sections and draw essential and innovative details of their design such as the infrastructural needs, organization of a house, the entrance, and the storage system. The collective design factors were: Maximum speed. Door-to-door accessibility. Integration of storage/vehicles

Participants: Arianna Balboni, Kelly Jade Best, Filippo Fiorani, Francesca Martellono, Guanlong Zhou, Livia Bonciarelli, Nicola Patelli, Sebastian Bernardy, Silvia Davoli, Tingyu Zeng, Yayun Liu, Koen Hoogeveen

Images: David Koezen, Koen Hoogeveen, Arianna Balboni


4 Minutes City 1.0 - The Urban Plan

4 Minutes City 2.0 - Capacities

4 Minutes City 3.0 - Housing Detail

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