4 Minutes City 2.0 - Capacities

4 Minutes City 2.0- Capacities

MA Design Studio, Spring Semester 2012, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL)

The model developed in this studio generates and evaluates different options that optimize either the time needed to travel or the volume occupied by the program. The model is generated in Grasshopper translating the vehicle’s performance (speed, acceleration, inclination, turning radius, dimensions) in the volume and length of the infrastructure. Afterwards, the volumes are generated as the program input and added on the script to be placed on the point surface generated in the first step. For the initial model the scenario of leaving your house towards an exit point is used.

Guest Critics: Ben Immers, Bart Egeter, Huib Plomp, Sander Mulders

Participants: Lara Tomholt, Jasper Poortvliet


4 Minutes City 3.0 - Housing Detail

4 Minutes City 1.0 - The Urban Plan

5 Seconds Street

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