3D Nature 2.0

3D Nature 2.0

MA Research & Design studio, Fall Semester 2013, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL)

Can we imagine a city that is built with and for nature instead against it? What features and attributes from nature can upgrade city life? And how can it be integrated in the urban and architectural setting of the city? This studio explored the various aspects of nature and aimed at applying nature into high dense urban areas. How could nature be integrated in architecture and city structure? What urban ecologies appear? What are the benefits? Its advatages and disadvantages? Socially, economically and environmentally? How can nature upgrade the city en vice versa? Can the city add up to nature? What then can we learn from different eco-systems? Can they continue to exist within an urban density? How? This studio is about the search for relationships between nature and the built the environment. What can we learn from nature? What types of "new natures" can we define? How to make use of different types of nature? Can we make our cities more productive and add up to biodiversity, instead of being destructive to it?

Participants: Aikaterini Stamatelou, Alessandro Sebastiani, Alexander Frederick Mooi, Ananda de Vos, Calcen Chan, Fang Ting Lim, Ferry Barnhoorn, Martijn Sterk, Niels van der Salm, Piotr G. Ruszkiewicz, Sen Mu, Wiebe de Boer, Yao Ji, Oswaldo Heinen, Anntje Wong


3D Nature 1.0

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