3D Nature 1.0

3D Nature 1.0

MA Research & Design Workshop, Spring Semester 2013, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL)

Can we imagine a city that is built with nature instead against it? Can we ‘help’ nature to become urban? And vice versa, our cities to become more natural? Can we create a "3D Nature" beyond the green façade? Can we design buildings that produce nature? Cities that can increase biodiversity? The 3D Nature studio wanted to explore nature as a building tool by studying different ecologies and identifying those natural elements and attributes, with which we can upgrade our cities and buildings and turn them into producers of (new) nature. The studio explored the characteristics of specific natural elements and how to measure them.

Participants: Manthan Mevada, Maarten Hercules, Mitalee Parikh, Olga Berning, Peng Zhao, Alejandro Hered Heredia Moreno, Nicolas Sage, Alberto Gruiz, Xiao Du, Alexander Mooi, Susanne Hofer, Sido Cherel, Hrvoje Šmidihen, Chen Shen, Anna Grossi, Don Menas, Beryl Boonzaaier, Miguel van den Berge, Rudo Koot


3D Nature 2.0

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