(Y)Our World

(Y)Our World

MA Research & Design Studio, Fall Semester 2016, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (NL)

Can you visualize 1000 future worlds? What would the world look like if free-migration would be the norm? What if human settlements were only be located in regions free of the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes, famine, drought and flooding? What happens when the fault-lines of these disasters shifts with time; what if, by redrawing the global coastline in response to rising water-levels, we could offer everyone a view of the sea? What if we protected all endangered landscapes—where would we draw the line between preservation and production? What type of new territories would appear? How would world population change; how might transport be transformed; where and how would we grow our food, harvest energy, work? What lifestyles would emerge?Could future cities be shaped by the energy that fuels them: Windy City 2.0, ElectriCity? And what about regions… Could Costa del Sol mean something more? What architectures and innovations could support each of these new worlds?

The world (society, cities, ecosystems, transport networks, cultural formations––) is complex. Scenarios set one factor, or a set of factors, at the core of a thinking and design exercise in order to break down this complexity and test the potential of that factor to change the world... Scenarios connect these factors to each other, and can model the impact of various interrelated parameters at once. By breaking global data projection up -- a sort of literal big data -- into smaller data-sets, we can test how each factor affects others around it, and (more broadly, but just as vitally) the way it affects how we live and build. We will tackle these What If scenarios in four steps: 1000 Worlds, The Scenario, The Zoom, The Region.

Participants: Julia Jérôme, Ada Jaśkowiec, Agnieszka Zabicka, Alessio Migliasso, Andrew, Ryan Jackson, Benjamin Thomas Summers, Brendan Costello, Charles Gregoire, Ditte Gerding, Edwin Yu, Fathima Nafeesa Hamza, Haripriya Narendra Dalal, Hua Fan, Jasper Rouwenhorst, Jihong Duan, Ka Ho Cheuk, Keng Yee Oh, Kyra van den Berg, Laura Bruder, Leander Sassi, Lijie Zhuang, Marloes Knoester, Mengzhe Tang, Michał Strupiński, Qizhen Zhu, Roel Schiffers, Ruiqi Lv, Ruoning Ni, Saida Brückner, Salieh Eldewieh, Seung Han Yeum, Tsz Ling Samantha Chan Türker Naci Şaylan, Wai Loo, Xaveer Roodbeen, Xiaolin Ou, Yucheng Wu, Yuge Zhu

Tutors: Tihamér Salij, Diana Ibáñez López, Stavros Gargaretas, Paul de Ruiter (Future Models), Ferry Adema, Erik Hehenkamp (Building Technology)


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